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Out of State Expeditions for Upland Game

Fred Bohm3 Comments
North eastern Colorado pheasant hunt.

North eastern Colorado pheasant hunt.

Alaska to hunt Dall Sheep? Yes. Maybe a trip to Spain for an Ibex. Of course. How about Montana or Utah for pheasant? No? 

Well why should all the destination hunts be reserved for the bigger four legged fellas. Make a trip this season out west to go make some feathers float from the sky with a well landed shot from a two barrel. 

If you haven't seen the aspens in full color shift while chasing dusky grouse at 10,000 feet on the spine of North America, then I can assure you, you haven't lived. This fall do yourself a favor and make it a point to grab the dog, your scattergun and a camera to capture what could be the most eye awakening hunt you've ever been on. You don't need to spend half your retirement on tags to enjoy some of the finest scenery the west has to offer.  

Here Are Non-Resident Small Game License Costs (click state for direct link to official websites)


  • Season: $160 (includes fishing license)


  • Season: $163.65
  • Two Day: $47.01


  • Season: $66 (includes $10 habitat stamp)
  • One Day: $21 (includes $10 habitat stamp)
  • Additional Day: $5


  • Season: $97.75
  • Three Day: $35.50


  • Season: $120
  • Three Day: $50


  • Season: $152 (includes upland stamp)
  • One Day: $31 (includes upland stamp)
  • Additional Consecutive Day: $8

New Mexico

  • Season: $65
  • Four Day: $33


  • Season: $148.50
  • Three Day: $26.50


  • Season: $65
  • Three Day: $32


  • Season: $183.50
  • Three Day: $68


  • Season: $72