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Frequently Asked Questions

100% guarantee. So for whatever reason, no questions asked, Sage & Braker will give me a full refund if I don't like their product?

You got it. I created this company to give hunters and outdoorsman the highest quality products in the market. If you don't fully agree that they are, send them back and I will refund you in full.


Is this just another company mass producing cheap products to make a quick buck?

First and foremost I'm a hunter. I happen to come from a long line of designers and spent my life honing my craft. My father was a mechanical engineer that had me working in his machine shop at an age that the child labor board would frown upon. My mother is a quilt maker and seamstress. I was a motion designer for many years. You could say design runs in my blood.

Countless miles have been hiked chasing grouse in the mountains of Colorado. Enough acres of farm fields have been cover to make any John Deere combine jealous. In the fall and winter you can find me hiking miles into wilderness areas with a bow in my hands and whatever it takes to survive on my back. I live, eat, dream and breathe hunting. It only seemed right to take my design skills and apply it to what I loved.

So no, Sage & Braker will never just produce a cheap product to turn a quick buck. There's just to much love an pride to ever justify that. We're here to stay and would love to take you along in our journey.