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John is a booking agent in both Mozambique and British Columbia.

Sage & Braker CLP and bore cleaning kits are a two pieces of “must have” equipment for hunters, especially those operating in harsh environments. Regardless of whether you’re in the African bush on a Mozambique hunting safari for buffalo or in the mountains of British Columbia in pursuit of sheep, Sage & Braker products will not let you down and will enable you to keep your rifle clean and functioning under the most brutal conditions. I cannot recommend them highly enough and if you’re a serious hunter, you should carry a bottle of Sage & Braker CLP and a bore cleaning kit afield with you on all of your hunting trips.
— John McAdams, 8 Years of Active Duty in Afghanistan and Iraq

I’ve been in the hunting/fishing industry long enough that very few new products excite me. Sage and Braker however, have come on to the scene with a lot of momentum. Simply because they make the best. High quality products that make our jobs easier. I highly recommend this CLP to anyone trying to keep their firearm in top condition
— Bryce Daviess, Head Guide at Front Range Anglers
Bryce Daviess

“The very best cleaning aid available! Sage and Braker has broken the code on what a competitive shotgunner needs: a quick, well-made, ultra reliable shotgun cleaning aid that can withstand extended use. I am an National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Master Class competitor and I shoot anywhere from 500 to 1000 rounds of 12 ga. ammo per week—that is in addition to any Tournaments that I attend. I have a BORE SNAKE by Sage and Braker for each of my shotguns: 12 ga., 20 ga., 28 ga., and .410 bore. This Bore Snake is head and shoulders above any other competitor and the one I go to each and every day. Well done, Sage and Braker!”
— COL Mike Rampy, NSCA Master Class Competitor

I would definitely recommend CLP to other gun users, as a way to give their guns the ultimate in gun protection and maintenance. Even better, CLP is Made in the USA, so you know it’s quality made and guaranteed. Add CLP with a Sage & Braker Bore Snake and you have one helluva home and field cleaning kit.”
— Edgar Castillo, law enforcement officer (20+ years)
Edgar Castillo

First off, this CLP does smell as good as people say. Okay, onto the functionality of this item...I just went out shooting with my mentor, the old school guy that taught me how to clean my firearms with the “ol pole and cloth.” When I was cleaning my shotgun for the 1st time, after the 6 cloth came out still with black buildup on it, I ask “how many times do you do this?” his response was “John, that is your gun. You decide when you are happy with how clean it for me, I want my guns to last decades, so I go until the cloth comes out clean.” That struck me hard. So when I started looking for a cleaning kit, I read a lot of reviews and found Sage & Braker Bore Cleaning kits. I was really happy with how they cleaned my gun so well and so much quicker. When I heard that Sage & Braker was making a CLP product I was really excited. Admittedly, the price is higher than other products on the market...but the quality is what makes the difference. Back to shooting with my mentor...I was just out with him and brought my Sage & Braker products. I told him how much I like this new way to clean guns and told him to give it a try. It took a little convincing to get him to put down the pole and try something new, but he did. We ended up spraying this CLP (using a sprayer to distribute cleaner!? GENIUS!!) and my bore snake on his old shotgun, ran it through 3 times and he was blown away...he grabbed his ol pole, put a cloth on the end and ran it through as a test. Guess what, It came out clean!! What used to take 20+ minutes and a lot of elbow grease with the old way of cleaning was done in a few minutes (a few beers) and his gun has not been cleaner in 10 years. I think he might be joining the Sage & Braker family pretty soon after using it himself.
— John Arp, Amazon Customer